The ever-evolving urban class structure in cities today is a marvel.   An organism of human made design fueled by want, need and desire.  People move in and people move out in an almost automatic fashion.  We move so fast in our pursuit of climbing some ladder that we rarely take time to stop and really observe and immerse ourselves in what we have created.This project immerses the audience, who is by design a listener, into one of the most socially diverse intersections in Canada, showing them what really happens if you actually stop at the cross walk.

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Go to Theatre Passe Muraille and piss in the lobby and scream 4 corners.  They will give you instructions and  a playback system.

Project Partners

Theatre Passe Muraille Ontario Arts Council


In the fall of 2011, FIXT POINT was selected as part of Theatre Passe Murialle Metcalfe Foundation funded Theatre Beyond Walls initiative to create an original initiative outside of the theatrical institution walls.  We proposed an intense and artistic examination of class structure on the 4 corners of Queen and Bathurst Streets, culminating in experimental broadcast and piece of docu-drama audio art.

Without prejudice or preconceptions, we set out with our magnifying glasses and microphones to unearth a pure perspective we find lacking amongst the inhabitants and passers by of this crossroads.

We began by spending time at the Four Corners of Queen and Bathurst spending time in CB2, talking with amazing street musicians and asking people which corner they most identified with.

That was Katherine Budd a friend we made along the way and a great songwriter.  She ended up performing in the show.! (more lisa)

As we gathered more opinions about what makes up the Q and B we ran into a lot of people with personal conflictions about elements that help or hinder the future success of these four corners.

We can admin that we were interested, hesitant, excited and scared to learn more about “The Meeting Place” – (hyperlink).  We’ve lived in Toronto and have frequented this neighbourhood for a decade and had never been inside of this place.


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That was Brian he is a huge behind the scene partner in this whole production.  He runs a tight ship at the Meeting place and was oh so very helpful to the whole production.  Going on this facility tour opened our eyes to the many moving pieces that make up St. Christophers House team.


Another major contributor to the project was Toronto Councilor Adam Vaughan.  We first connected with Councilor Vaughan while we were researching a previous work The Tale of a Town – Queen West.  His knowledge and passion about this area of Toronto is unmatchable and he proved to be the ideal tour guide.