Storygathering Artists

FIXT POINT is seeking professional theatre and/or media artists based in Ontario for short term full-time positions with The Tale of a Town.

Interviewing, listening and logging interviews, digital story mapping, collaboration on podcast creation and community outreach

Must be outgoing, creative, reliable, motivated, familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel, and passionate about storytelling, community engagement and all things local.

You will be paired with one of our full time story producers who will work with you to engage, capture and celebrate your community's main street stories.

Dates : June 6th to June 26th – Oakville, ON
Artist Fee: $600/wk
Presented in partnership with City of Oakville.

Dates : July 6th to July 26th – Mississauga, ON
Positions: 2
Artist Fee: $600/wk
Presented in partnership with Dundas Connects

Dates : August 5th to August 27th – Penetanguishene / Midland
Artist Fee: $600/wk
** This position requires fluency in French **

Dates:  September 7th – September 25th - Atikokan, ON
2 Positions
Artist Fee: $600/wk

Dates : October 3rd to October 22nd – Hamilton, ON
Artist Fee: $600/wk
Presented in partnership with Cobalt Connects.

We will provide you with specific training around The Tale of a Town themes, our interviewing style, and our audio aesthetic. 

o apply please send a short cover letter and a resume by email to:

Katie Swift | Artistic Producer, FIXT POINT |

Audio Editor

We are looking for 1 or 2 passionate and committed audio editors to work with us on an ongoing basis.

We create podcasts, audio installations and other audio based programming and are looking for folks working in the same fields.

If you are interested in learning more please email