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FIXT POINT is a Toronto based company with a national reach.  We endeavor to be leaders in public engagement, embedding outreach and community development into our process of creation.  We make original work through devised collaboration, and we are most inspired by audio actualities and the stories of Canadians.  We bring together emerging and established radio, new media, and theatre artists, and our creations are grounded in performance.   We are continually refining who we are, constantly evolving our form and our style, and always trying to stay somewhat curious and confused, as we strive to keep making work that supports our mandate to inspire audiences to imagine change.


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The Tale of a Town – Canada is a site-specific theatre and media project that is capturing the collective community memory of our country’s main streets, one story at a time, while preserving local heritage and promoting neighbourhood culture.


Touring across the Canada in our storymobile (a.k.a recording booth on wheels) we’re gathering stories in small towns and big cities alike by means of scheduled and impromptu interviews with independent business owners, local heroes, community stakeholders, and neighbourhood residents.  These stories inspire performance installations that take place in site-specific downtown locations created in collaboration with local artists and in partnership with presenting partners from across the country.  

This national venture will culminate in a multi-platform celebration of the country’s main street culture, in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017.

To find out more about The Tale of a Town,

VISIT: www.thetaleofatown.com


** Nominated for 2 Dora Mavor Awards Best Direction and Best Ensemble **

** Nominated for 2 Dora Mavor Awards Best Direction and Best Ensemble **


The Tale of a T-Shirt takes us on a trip around the world as we follow a t-shirt from seed to cotton to cloth.  Inspired by actual events, this docu-comedy asks young people to question the true cost of our clothing, daring us to look beyond the familiar storefront windows as we re-examine the roles we all play as consumers in this game that lasts a lifetime.

Directed by Lisa Marie DiLiberto and featuring four hot up-and-coming clown-trained performers, this theatrical adventure is framed as a school presentation and uses live music and zany puppetry juxtaposed with archival images to dazzle audiences while provoking us to consider how our actions have global reverberations.


Created with support from The Ontario Arts Council and Theatre Direct

Press Pages (Toronto Star & Globe and Mail)

Check out our most recent tour of The Tale of a T-Shirt across Newfoundland and Labrador with The Art and Culture Centres!

2017 Storygathering Workshops

Are you excited by stories? Interested in community engagement? Collective creation? Do you make theatre? Audio art? Come join us for a storygathering workshop to learn more about the methodology behind FIXT POINT’s national project The Tale of the Town.

This four-day training will introduce participants to FIXT POINT’s oral history and art making processes. Topics covered will include interviewing skills, audio recording, logging interviews, audio editing, and making art from audio for installations, podcasts and theatre productions. This training was developed in collaboration with the National Arts Centre of Canada and has been refined through facilitation with artists from across the country.

We will be offering two workshop sessions in February 2017:

Session #1: (mostly weekend option) February 17, 18, 19, 20* (9AM-5PM)
Session # 2: (mostly weekday option) February 21, 22, 23, 24 (9AM-5PM)
*Family Day - the workshop will run on this day

Location: FIXT POINT STUDIO, 1550 Queen Street West, Toronto

In 2017, The Tale of a Town culminates in a future facing project, with a new name: The Living Archive, which will document and share our visions for the future of community along Canada’s longest road – Highway 11 - from the base of Yonge Street all the way to Rainy River Ontario.

This year we will be engaging multiple teams of intrepid storygathering artists and ideally these storygathering trainings are an introduction to FIXT POINT’s projects and methodologies for those interested in working with us on The Living Archive this summer.

We are seeking artists of all disciplines (audio editors, producers, designers, directors, performers, stage managers) who are outgoing, creative, reliable, motivated and passionate about storytelling, community engagement and all things local. Preference will be given to candidates who are available to work and travel full-time from May - October 2017.  French/English bilingualism and a valid Ontario driver’s license are also assets.

To apply for a place in our 2017 Storygathering Workshop, please submit a short cover letter and résumé to aidan@fixtpoint.com, and complete  our online submission form: https://goo.gl/forms/xgz0w1sqtYFnuGj83. You will be asked to provide us with a  short sample of your artistic work (image / audio piece / performance clip*) (*Please do not send newspaper articles or reviews).

In your cover letter, please explain why you are interested in learning from, and working with FIXT POINT, and what experience and perspectives you would bring to The Living Archive (highlight relevant skills and experience in interviewing, audio editing, graphic design, performance creation, technical theatre, Google docs, or other skills you feel would be relevant).

FIXT POINT is an equal-opportunity employer, and is committed to diversity and inclusiveness in its employment practices. Artist of all backgrounds and levels of ability are encouraged to apply.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, December 30, 2016

Please note, the number of participants for these sessions is limited due to equipment and space available: only selected participants will be contacted. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our company and our work, please stay in touch! Any questions can be directed to aidan@fixtpoint.com.