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BETWEEN HERE AND THERE – tusks and stingers

While we were in Toronto, dropping off our Huntsville gear and picking up some London luggage, we did a quick drive by to show off our storymobile to two of our storytelling partners. First stopThe Hive. This is the awesome company who designed our wicked website, our pimpin’ postcards and our sweeeet storymobile. This shot is of the kick ass Klint Davies who is our account manager at The Hive, and bitchin’ Brad Van Shaik who designed our Tale of a Town logo. Not appearing in this photo, but incredible all the same are Simon Creet, Chief Creative Officer and Andy Krupski, President and CEO of The Hive who have dished out expert advice to us all year long, helping us get this show on the road! We can’t thank The Hive enough for making us look so damn good!!!!

Stop two – A quick hello to David Leonard at The Walrus, the open-minded manager of special projects who got behind us at this incredible Canadian foundation. The Walrus online is where you’ll find the podcast series called A Walk Down Main Street that we are creating from all of the tales we gather on our tour across Ontario. We couldn’t be happier to have found a home for our podcasts at this witty, spirited and progressive place for quality Canadian artistry. We snapped a pic with David, picked up a stack of their award winning magazines to distribute en route and got back on the road out of the big smoke…