Communities Visited
Huntsville, Ingersoll, Killarney, Little Current, London, Markdale, and Sudbury

Interview Conducted

In the summer of 2012, as a pilot project, the Tale of a Town X Ontario tour visited Huntsville, London, Ingersoll, Markdale, Little Current, Sudbury, and Killarney. In Huntsville, our first stop, we were invited by The Huntsville Festival of the Arts and Edge of the Woods Theatre to create a performance piece for Nuit Blanche North. Then in all seven Ontario communities, we traded Chapman’s Ice Cream for downtown stories!  A Walk Down Mainstreet podcasts highlight the tales to tell of the charming downtowns.

We had the biggest fire probably Markdale’s ever seen...Every fire engine in the county was there, working very very hard to contain it...Then the next morning it was like being in a campfire that had just gone out. There was just smoke everywhere. That was the closest thing to war I ever want to be in, and luckly no one was hurt.
— Crissie Nash, Storyteller, Markdale, ON


Lisa Marie DiLiberto - Creator, Director, and Storygathering Artist
Charles Ketchabaw - Creator, Technical Production, Sound Design, and Storygathering Artist
Rob Feetham, Deanna Jones, Adam Paolozza, and Annie Wilson - Creative Ensemble
Tony Mara, Zsiporah Moon, Michael Moon, Doug Banwell, and Tina Turley - Additional Performers
Kate Hemming and Jay Cheel - Project Documenters
Helena Renwick - Store Front Coordination and all-round essential team member
Dan Watson - Nuit Blanche North Artistic Director


The project was supported by the Ontario Arts Council, and local partners, The Huntsville Festival of the Arts, Edge of the Woods Theatre, Downtown London, Chapman's Ice Cream, The Hive, and The Walrus.