Stor(y)age is an interactive audio-performance that invites the audience into a world of remembrance to examine their own material possessions. Wearing headphones and carrying an FM transmitter, the audience takes a guided trip up to an attic accompanied by an audio montage of others' self reflections. Along the way, they are asked to reflect on what they keep, where they keep it, and most importantly, why. 

Once in the attic, the audience meets a live performer, a collector of many things, who shares with them a list of her own hidden and stored-away gems.  Finally, the audience is probed for personal responses which are fed back into the same FM transmission that they are listening to.
An experience of being "alone, together", stor(y)age ends on a quiet and nostalgic tone and leaves each participant reflecting on a vivid image of the one thing they just can't get rid of.


Lisa Marie DiLiberto - Director
Charles Ketchabaw - Sound Design
Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Deanna Jones, Charles Ketchabaw, Natasha Pedros, Annie Wilson - Voice Performers


Stor(y)age was created by FIXT POINT in collaboration with Suitcase in Point Theatre, and originally produced for Magnetic North Theatre Festival as part of Subdvision 2013.