In the fall of 2011, FIXT POINT was selected as part of Theatre Passe Muraille’s Metcalfe Foundation-funded Theatre Beyond Walls initiative to create an original initiative outside of the theatrical institution walls. We proposed an intense and artistic examination of class structure on the 4 corners of Queen and Bathurst Streets, culminating in experimental broadcast and piece of docu-drama audio art.

Without prejudice or preconceptions, we set out with our magnifying glasses and microphones to unearth a pure perspective we found lacking amongst the inhabitants and passers by of this crossroads. We began by spending time at the Four Corners of Queen and Bathurst spending time in CB2, talking with amazing street musicians and asking people which corner they most identified with.

THE FOUR CORNERS is a binaural site-specific piece that was recorded live on September 29th, 2012 animated by a team of award-winning actors alongside cameos from the community. This project immerses the audience, who is by design a listener, into one of the most socially diverse intersections in Canada, showing them what really happens if you actually stop at the cross walk.


Lisa Marie DiLiberto - Creator & Director
Charles Ketchabaw - Creator, Sound, & Production Director
David Brennan, Varrick Grimes, Adam Paolozza, Dan Watson - Corner Characters
Geoffrey Armour, Rob Feetham, Isaac Kessler, Fernando Lara, Viktor Lukowski - Tour Guides
Kat C. Budd, Bruce, Terry - Community Artists
Charles Ketchabaw, Corby Luke, Art Pisanski - Sound Recordists
Aviva Armour-Ostroff - Dramaturge
Annie Wilson - Production Coordinator


The project was commissioned by the Theatre Passe Muraille, Ontario Arts Council,  and Metcalfe Foundation





You may download the four corners audio tour onto your own device. 
Below are the simple listening instructions for The Four Corners Tour: 


1. Stand outside of the Theatre Passe Muraille's big red doors at 16 Ryerson Ave. 
2. Press PLAY on your device and begin listening. 
3. Follow the instructions, be safe, and enjoy yourself! 


Developed and Produced by Theatre Passe Muraille
Creation and Sound production by FIXT POINT