Through years of touring the Tale of a Town project to communities across the country, FIXT POINT has developed a unique methodology for gathering community stories, and adapting the audio to various forms of presentations. Each year, as new artists are introduced to the project, they are trained in all of these areas.

With support from the Ontario government’s Ontario150 fund, we offered two free training sessions to 24 artists from across the country in February 2017. The four-day workshops introduced them to our storygathering and creation methodology, including outreach strategies, interviewing techniques, and audio art creation. Participants put together a mini-Tale of a Town project, gathering interviews in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood and presenting short multimedia pieces on the final day of the workshop.  Participants were excited to use their newly honed skills in their own work, and a number of them joined our summer 2017 storygathering team.


The Storygathering Training Workshop was created in partnership with the Ontario government’s Ontario150 fund.



Participating in the training provided by FIXT POINT gave me a chance to understand the valuable generosity of the lead artists - we were supported in actively exploring their methods and systems in a real-time application, with guidance available throughout the process.  the relationships i made during this training to both data/story and with other participating artists have continued to impact me and also to provide me with new theatre work. gchi-miigwech, big thanks to the company and the staff for a model training experience, it has positively impacted the way I share my own approaches with others who are interested.
— Hilary Wear | Theatre Artist and Community Worker


I was fortunate enough to participate in one of Fixt Point’s story gathering workshops. I learned hands-on interviewing skills and how to take the oral histories we collected and make them into theatrical art. Joyously inventive, inclusive, practical and wildly creative.
— Beverley Cooper | Playwright |
FIXT Point’s Storygathering Training provided an eye-opening and inspiring opportunity to develop artistic and technical skills in the creation of documentary and oral history-based work. The training was well-paced and provided lots of practical knowledge as well as time for experimentation and creation. The workshop challenged me to be a more accurate, concise and compassionate storyteller - to be true to the stories entrusted to me and to use my own voice to support and augment those narratives. On top of all that, I was connected with many other passionate, curious, driven, and innovative artists to create a truly collaborative work.
— Kevin Matthew Wong | Artistic Director of Broadleaf Theatre |