The ever-evolving urban class structure in cities today is a marvel.   An organism of human-made design fueled by want, need and desire.  People move in and people move out in an almost automatic fashion.  We move so fast in our pursuit of climbing some ladder that we rarely take time to stop and really observe and immerse ourselves in what we have created. FIXT POINT presents THE FOUR CORNERS.

THE FOUR CORNERS is a binaural site-specific recording that took place on September 29th, 2012 animated by a team of award-winning actors alongside cameos from the community.

If you’d like to take the tour, visit Theatre Passe Muraille’s Box office and ask for a FOUR CORNERS playback device and postcard.


Click on the "Download" link on the right side of the soundcloud player.

Load the track onto your player, print off the listening instructions below and head to Theatre Passe Muraille's Box office at 16 Ryerson Ave.

4C - listening instructions
4C - listening instructions

Project Development

This docu-drama created by FIXT POINT is a melding of interviews, research and observation reflecting the rich history and contrasting social spheres represented on these diverse corners.  Throughout the development, FIXT POINT has collaborated with members of The Meeting Place, city councilor Adam Vaughan, local business owners and managers, as well as street youth / musicians.

Check out the sound bytes below to hear a few clips from our research.

You read more about the process on the Theatre Passe Muraille blog


It’s not just Toronto that is standing up and taking notice of the amazing creative team at FIXT POINT and the theatrical groundbreaking of The Four Corners.  The Tribeca Film Institute is partnering with open-source platform Zeega to increase participation in and broaden the horizons of interactive storytelling.  FIXT POINT will be joining them in Cambridge at the MIT Media Lab for the first collaborate hackathon.

THE FOUR CORNERS CREDITS Live performance produced by FIXT POINT Directed by Lisa Marie DiLiberto. Sound Recording & Production directed by Charles Ketchabaw

Script conceived by Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Charles Ketchabaw, based on neighbourhood interviews, and developed in collaboration with the artistic team.

Corner Characters: North East Corner (Starbucks) - David Brennan South East Corner (CB2) - Adam Paolozza North West Corner (The Meeting Place) - Varrick Grimes South West Corner (Pizza Pizza) - Dan Watson

Tour Guides: Viktor Lukowski (Team Red) Geoffrey Armour (Team Blue) Isaac Kessler (Team Yellow) Rob Feetham (Team Green) Fernando Lara (Tour Bossman)

Community Artists: Katt C. Budd (Musician) Bruce (Meeting Place Member) Terry (Meeting Place Volunteer)

Sound Recordists: Charles Ketchabaw Corby Luke Art Pisanski

Dramaturgy: Aviva Armour-Ostroff

Production Coordinator: Annie Wilson