Sudbury was the sixth stop on our Tale of a Town X Ontario tour!

We parked our storymobile downtown in front of the YMCA in the nickel city and gathered tales in this frontier town.

There are a few main streets in Sudbury, but our favourite was The Elgin Strip.  Listen to our podcast to find out why!

A Walk Down Main Street - Sudbury Edition

and now for the finer details...

project info Dates: August 20 & 21

project blogFIXT POINT

storytelling partners:Chapmans Ice CreamThe HiveThe Walrus

Special Thanks to : Treasa Levasseur for tipping us off to the Townehouse Tavern, Jorge Cueto ( for snapping some fabulous pics of us and David Savoy and Matthew Heiti at The Sudbury Theatre Centre for making time to meet with us.

interesting facts: 15 stories gathered 1 podcast created 2 feature articles in the newspaper 5 lucky nickels found on the road 24 ice creams distributed

interviewees: Paul Loewenberg, Matthew Heiti, Anna Leguie, Mercedes, Claudette MacDonald, John Scoville, Jorge Cueto, Danile Rushalo, Gilliam Berman, Vicki, Jenny Jelen, Fighta and all those who wish to remain anonymous.