London, Ontario was the second stop on our Tale of a Town X Ontario Tour.

We were invited by the wonderful folks at Downtown London to work on the first phase of development for The Tale of LONDON Town!!!

In our first week in the Forest City we discovered countless tales of days gone by!  We began by interviewing local downtown business owners at their establishments, and then parked our storymobile right smack downtown at Dundas and Richmond.

And here is our podcast, comprised of many voices and produced for The Walrus:

A Walk Down Main Street - London Edition.

To contribute your own story about downtown London, call our hotline 1-855-CAN-TALE or TELL US YOUR TALE here.

and now for the finer details... 

project info 

July 18th - August 2nd @ Downtown London

project blog(fixtpoint)

produced by FIXT POINT for Downtown London

story gathering partners

Downtown LondonChapmans Ice CreamdonThe HiveThe Walrus

interesting facts

91 stories gathered (see list below) 123 Chapmans Ice Cream Sandwiches consumed (YUM)


Andrea Halwa, Andrea Hallam, Kathy Novakas, Michael Gibson, Felicity Morreals, Shawn Gallaway, Jonathan Snell, David E White (clothier), Christa & Ivan Gallagher, Karim and Kissy,  Felicia Mareels, Amber Ireland, Hayden, Shala, chantel and jayme lynn, Trevo, Shane, Shalleen, Laura and Erin, John, Rachel, Gabby (4yrs-old), Dave - Tea Shop, Susan Ferley, Jason, Mark, Braham - Heroes, Layne Sargeant, Mike, Nicole, Mary Bray, Long at Tangarine, Mike Smith, Ian Greasly, Andrea Surich, Judy Bryant, Kathy McLaughlin, Doug Allen, Bob Usher, Tyler @ City Lights, Fanny Goose, Barbara Lent, Jack Di Carlo, Deb Harvey, Dana Morningstar, Mary @ Kingsmills, Jon Lee, Shasta and Jason Agonbare, Joe Fontana and all of the wonderful people who wished to remain anonymous.