Downtown Huntsville Map by Helah Cooper
Downtown Huntsville Map by Helah Cooper

Huntsville was the first stop on our Tale of a Town X Ontario tour in the summer of 2012.

We were invited to the town by The Hunstville Festival of the Arts and Edge of the Woods Theatre to create a performance piece for Nuit Blanche North.

Beginning with interviews, followed by a whole lot of listening and logging, we selected the following tales to tell based on what we heard about downtown.

Huntsville Tale Icons by Helah Cooper
Huntsville Tale Icons by Helah Cooper

The Tale of The Bathtub Derby; The Tale of The Empire Hotel;  The Tale of The Silver Ambassadors & Shoppin' on the Main!

Next we created, scripted, rehearsed and performed these tales in our downtown storefront!

To see a play-by-play account of how we did all of this in 3 short weeks, check out our project BLOG!

And here is a little peak into our performance for you...

Following our Huntsville performance, we created this podcast: A Walk Down Main St - Huntsville Edition. (originally produced for The Walrus Magazine.)

Listen in to hear some tales that we gathered!

We encourage you to comment on these stories as well as contribute additional tales about downtown Huntsville.

Leave your story on our hotline 1-855-CAN-TALE, or submit your written story here:  TELL US YOUR TALE

We'd LOVE to hear from you!

While we were in Hunstville, we also created 2 special story pieces for the CBC Radio One - Ontario Morning.

This one is a look into the Bathtub Derby here in town:

And this is about two incredible urban artists we discovered here in Huntsville: Rudi Stade the rock man, and the sign guy, Gus VanBaarsel!

and now for the finer details....

project info Dates: June 27 to July 14th Location: Main Street In Downtown Huntsville

project blog


produced by FIXT POINT for Nuit Blanche North 2012 Created by: Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Charles Ketchabaw in collaboration with Rob Feetham, Deanna Jones, Adam Paolozza and Annie Wilson. Additional performances by: Tony Mara, Zsiporah and Michael Moon, Doug Banwell, and  Tina Turley Project Documenters: Kate Hemming and Jay Cheel Directed by: Lisa Marie DiLiberto Technical Production and Sound Design: Charles Ketchabaw Store Front Coordination and all around essential team member: Helena Renwick Nuit Blanche North Artistic Director: Dan Watson

presented by:The Huntsville Festival of the ArtsEdge of the Woods Theatre

project funders:The Ontario Arts CouncilThe Huntsville Festival of the ArtsChapmans Ice Cream

community partners: Huntsville BIA Rotary Club of Huntsville

interesting facts: 75 stories gathered 3 concerts recorded 2 Radio Broadcasts 4 scenes created 5 hours of performance 0 parking tickets

interviewees: Rob Saunders, Teri Souter, Tina Turley, Allison Garhitt, Mandi Hargreave, Sarah McDonald, Amanda Lake, Darlene Branch, Jacob Barkey, Barb Latondress, Cameron and Angel Harvie, Mayor Claude Doughty, Daniel Meyer, Marshal Burnam, Victoria Hammond, Paul Shoemaker, Peter Redwood, Zsiporah and Michael Moon, Rudi Stade, Ashton, Bill Webber, George Young, Christine and Laurie McKnight, Deacon, Cathy Cole, "Nicholas, Jacob and Amy", Tamara de la Vega, Robert Thornborough, Sue, Dakota Jarvis, "Laura, Lina, Kyla", Jane, Doug Banwell, Gus VanBaarsel, Lyle Payne, Larry Birkenmeyer, Penny Clarke, Bill Sibeon, Jeff Carter, Rich Swift, Hugh MacKenzie, Grant and Bill Nickalls, Martha Watson, Andrew, Bob Stone, Carissa, Manny Butus, Annie Butus, Lawrence Butus, Kate, Jamie Steele, Emma Bennett, Sarah Steele, Holly Bennett, Mandy & Dan, Megan & Marshall, Crystal, Dan, Karissa, Nicole, Shanna, Michelle, Max, Andrew & all those who wish to remain anonymous